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Dr. Claudia Uhde-Stone

NS 403, 510-885-2860

The research in my laboratory focuses on plant adaptation to nutrient stress, particularly to phosphorus and nitrogen deficiency. We are working with white lupin (Lupinus albus L.), a legume that is especially well adapted to growth on nutrient-deficient soils. A goal of our research is to learn more about the molecular and biochemical adaptations to nutrient deficiencies displayed by plants. This is important because nitrogen and phosphorus are the two most limiting nutrients for plant growth and development on much of the world’s arable land. By some estimates, world resources of inexpensive phosphorus fertilizer may be depleted in as little as 50 years; and the synthesis of industrial nitrogen fertilizer is very energy consuming and thus costly. Improvement of nutrient acquisition in crops is considered critical for economic, humanitarian, and environmental reasons.

Recent publications:

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