some common symptoms of nutrient deficiency

The following table lists some nutrient deficiency symptoms that are commonly observed in plants.

nutrient deficiencysymptoms
Nitrogen (N) • leaves are pale green or yellow, smaller than normal
• lower leaves are affected first, but in severe cases all leaves may show deficiency symptoms
• stems are thin, erect, and hard
• plants grow slowly
Phosporus (P) • leaves are dark green, may develop purple coloration, first on undersides and later throughout, due to abnormal production of anthocyanins
• death of older leaves
• stems are thin and may be shortened
• plants grow slowly, and maturity is delayed.
Potassium (K) • older leaves mottled, with necrosis of leaf tips and margins
• leaves may curl and crinkle
• a scorch around the entire leaf may eventually occur
• chlorotic areas may develop throughout leaf
Iron (Fe) • distinct yellow or white areas appear between the veins on the youngest leaves
• veins remain green, except in case of prolonged, extreme deficiency
• in severe cases, younger leaves become white with necrotic lesions
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